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June O'Sullivan

June O’Sullivan, MBE (LEYF) started the conversation on Nursery World LinkedIn forum in May 2013, due to her concerns about the new Ofsted approach to regulation and their aggressive tone.

A deep, continuous river of comments flowed from thoughtful, caring and responsible people across the sector. With nearly 400 comments, a raft of examples and complaints, exponential increase in appeals to complaint-initiated inspections that river has become a swollen torrent.
So it was decided to take action and try to engage Ofsted, get them on board, share the sector’s concerns and consider solutions.

Catriona Nason, now retired, but at that time Director of NEyTCO (National Early years Trainers & Consultants Organisation) joined with June and became co-founder of the Ofsted Big Conversation, introducing the original website to help connect all of the groups and individuals around the country.

Catriona Nason
Juliette Davies

Following the demise of NEyTCO, Juliette (Juls) Davies who had worked as Membership Secretary and EA to Catriona, took up the mantle of supporting the Ofsted Big Conversation and supporting the Early Years sector via EY Matters.
In 2019. the new website was launched, containing all of the archive items from the original site

#Oftsed Big Conversation is the collaboration of an amazing team of Early Years practitioners, child minders, Local Authorities, organisations, trainers and consultants throughout the UK.

#OBC is an invitation to share experiences, support one another and vitally – engage Ofsted!  This is a gathering pace for all those interested in the fairness and quality of Ofsted inspections.

We want you to share your experiences, voice your frustrations and most importantly come along to one of our regional meetings.

You can access your region from the menue above or simply click on it from our interactive map below.

Grateful thanks to Nursery World, NDNA, Parenta, Early Years Alliance, Daynurseries.co.uk, Early Years Business Magazine, NMT Magazine – Nursery Management Today, Optimus Education, EY Matters and all other article contributors – and those publications who featured the #OfstedBigConversation story.

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